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Why laser eye surgery?

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People interested in laser eye surgery often say:

  • Glasses and contacts are uncomfortable, restrictive and easy to lose or break
  • The long-term cost of glasses or contact lenses is greater than the laser eye surgery cost
  • I want to get out there and play sports, travel and live an active life without depending on glasses or contacts
  • Taking care of my contact lenses is too time-consuming
  • I’d feel safer about everything from swimming in the ocean to finding my way at night if I didn’t need to wear glasses or contacts
  • I would be able to work more effectively if I could see better through my own eyes
  • I’d feel better about my appearance if I didn’t have to wear glasses.

Laser eye surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any elective surgery: 95% , according to a 10-year survey of scientific studies from around the world.

Laser eye surgery has resulted in over 20 million people worldwide reducing or eliminating their dependence on spectacles or contact lenses.