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Free 1-hour assessment by our orthoptists to determine the refractive surgery technique to best suit your individual needs.


You may be entitled to claim a partial refund from Medicare provided you bring a valid referral from a doctor or optometrist. Please note that the Medical Assessment fee is not part of the surgery fee.

More complex eye diagnostic tests may be indicated at the Medical Assessment and will attract a charge. Most can be bulk billed through Medicare providing you have a valid referral.

Laser vision correction is now more affordable than ever.  Due to popular demand, our special offer pricing has been extended to all of our patients.  Previously only those who attended our patient information seminars and then proceeded to have laser eye surgery were eligible.  Now everyone can benefit from this fantastic offer.

We know that price is an important consideration in choosing laser eye surgery. That’s why we’ve tailored our costs to the Central Coast market. Why pay Sydney prices while the world’s best laser eye surgery technology is right on your doorstep – at prices you can afford for a lifetime of better vision. (Prices reduced from 1st June 2013)

  • ReLEx SMILE® surgery: $3,000 per eye
  • Standard or Wavefront-guided LASIK surgery: $2,750 per eye
  • ASLA  surgery: $2,450 per eye

If eyesight is important to you, make an investment in your future.

What is included in the surgery fee?

  • The surgery procedure, initial post-operative eyedrops and any routine eye tests performed.
  • Routine follow-up visits at one to three weeks after surgery; then one month, three months and six months later. These follow-up visits are included in your fee for the surgery. Any medical consultation after 6 months will be charged.

As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer 12 months interest free* payment options to our patients, through GEM Visa, so you can pay for treatment over time. It is easy to apply and you’ll usually receive a response in less than 60 seconds. Ask our staff for more details or visit Gem Visa at gemvisa.com.au .

Please note: – no discounts apply when paying with GEM VISA or GE Finance.

*Available to approved applicants at only. Conditions apply, fees and charges payable. Interest is payable after any interest free period. Gem is a registered trademark in Australia of GE Capital Finance Australia (ABN 42 008 583 588). Credit facility provided by GE Capital Finance Australia, trading as GE Money. Australian Credit Licence 392145.

If you have been looking around at different laser vision correction clinics you may have noticed that there is a large variation in price with some centres charging as little as around $1,200 per eye and others charging up to $4,000 per eye. You may be wondering why such a large range exists.

The reason for this is to do with the quality of the technology available and the type of procedure being performed. Most clinics, such as LVCCC, who perform state-of-the-art true bladeless laser vision correction in which there is no mechanical blade involved charge the higher prices. The femtosecond laser that is used to create the corneal flap in bladeless laser vision correction provides a more precise and reliable flap thickness than a mechanical blade with virtually none of the risks associated with a blade such as complete removal of the flap or leaving a small piece uncut in the middle or missing bits around the edge. A femtosecond laser usually costs over half a million dollars whilst a mechanical blade (microkeratome) may cost only one twentieth of this price. Hence, centres that offer surgery with a microkeratome can afford to charge less.

Some centres only carry out surface laser treatment and do not create a corneal flap. They sometimes refer to themselves as providing “incision free” laser vision correction. There is nothing wrong with surface laser treatment and at LVCCC we also perform it in eyes that are not suitable for LASIK with a corneal flap. However, the technique involves removal of the corneal surface cells (epithelium) and can be very uncomfortable for several days and visual recovery is slower with a greater “down time” than with LASIK. Surface treatment does not require the clinic to invest in a femtosecond laser or a microkeratome and these savings can be passed on to the patient.

  • The best possible treatment with the best possible technology will always involve a higher price. You need to ask yourself what your vision is worth to you. At LVCCC we believe we have the best technology available but still charge at par or less than other centres with similar bladeless technology.

Some more complex diagnostic eye tests may incur a charge or be bulk billed as above if required.

On occasion, enhancements or retreatment is required post-operatively to improve the refractive outcome. In these circumstances further laser surgery may be required. There is no charge for enhancements or retreatment within 2 years of the initial treatment. After 2 years, retreatment will be at half price.

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