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Follow-up care

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The possibility of better vision without glasses or contacts is always exciting, but, as with every surgical procedure, there are risks. LASIK does require careful preparation and care afterwards.

Routine follow-up visits are at one to three weeks after surgery; then one month, three months and six months later. These follow-up visits are included in your fee for the surgery. Any medical consultation after 6 months will be charged.

Over much of this period you will be using eye drops prescribed by your surgeon. Various eye measurements are made at the follow-ups to check the healing process.

During the visual recovery period (one to three months) vision may fluctuate, but from three months on vision is usually stable. If you had a large correction, your eyes may take longer to settle.

After your eyes have settled you can have your remaining checkups with your optometrist

On occasion, enhancements or re-treatment is required to improve the refractive outcome. In these circumstances further laser surgery may be required. There is no charge for enhancements or re-treatment within 2 years of the initial treatment. After 2 years, re-treatment will be at half price.