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Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast – One Year Results

Dr Anil Arora, medical director of the Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast, was a guest presenter at the Central Coast Day Hospital Annual Optometrist Conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Terrigal on Sunday 26 February 2012. The Conference provided education to Optometrists from the Central Coast community on a variety of ophthalmic topics. Dr Arora’s presentation “Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast- One Year On” demonstrated the excellent clinical outcomes achieved by the Clinic for patient’s improved vision post laser eye surgery for procedures performed during 2011.

Below is the summary of the data presented at the conference:

  • Patients with a wide age range of 21-60 years underwent laser refractive surgery last year 60% of our patients were female and 40 % were male.
  • 93% of our patients last year had LASIK and the remaining 7% underwent surface ablation (ASLA/PRK).
  • Results showed an outstanding 76% of all patients achieved 6/6 (20/20) or better unaided vision (that is, without needing any glasses or contact lens correction) and 98% achieved 6/9 (20/32) or better unaided vision. These are better than the Australian driving requirement standard of 6/12 (20/40).
  • 94% of patients achieved within +/- 1 dioptre of the intended target refractive result
  • Enhancement (retreatment) rates were extremely low – under 2%, and the treated eyes achieved unaided vision of 6/5 after the enhancement.
  • Our patient post-operative visual outcome results comparable favourably to those from a large series from the Singapore National Eye Centre which published results in 2010 of laser refractive surgery carried out to almost 38,000 eyes of almost 20,000 patients over a 10 year period. About 73% of their patients achieved 6/6 or better unaided vision, about 90% achieved 6/9 or better unaided vision and 93% of their patients achieved +/- 1 dioptre of the intended target refractive result.

The Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast, although only established in 2010, has results that compares favourably to those of larger and more established centres. It has the most sophisticated laser vision technology available and is able to provide a world-class service to the residents of the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

Posted: April 23, 2012