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LVCCC Leads Chatswood Laser Training Session

With 7 years of experience using Zeiss lasers, Dr Anil Arora and Orthoptists Jo and Jocelyn from Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast, were invited to assist Zeiss leading a hands-on laser training session for the surgeons and nurses who will be operating Chatswood Private Hospital‘s new laser.

Chatswood Private Hospital, sister hospital to our Central Coast Day Hospital, have recently installed a Zeiss MEL 80 excimer laser in their operating theatre. Laser refractive eye surgery is an exciting addition to the extensive range of surgical procedures on offer at the hospital which boasts 6 operating theatres. The excimer laser will be used by experienced Sydney based Ophthalmologists to enhance their refractive eye surgery outcomes.

Nursing staff from Chatswood have attended several  of our recent surgery lists here on the Central Coast to assist in their preparation for commencing laser vision correction surgery. We look forward to continuing to support them over the coming months.

Jo Ellery, Jocelyn Newton from Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast with Livia Yong from Zeiss -introducing Sydney based Ophthalmologists to their new Zeiss Mel 80 excimer laser

Dr Anil Arora of Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast teaching Sydney Ophthalmologists operating procedures on the Mel 80


Posted: June 5, 2018