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LVCCC’s Clinical staff attend LASIK Course at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

Our clinical staff attended a 3 day LASIK accreditation course at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) on 6-8th July 2012.  The SNEC is a world leader in LASIK, having carried out to almost 38,000 eyes of almost 20,000 patients over a 10 year period. SNEC are leaders in LASIK education and we were privileged to be given the opportunity to attend their course.  This opportunity arose from the determination of Dr Anil Arora to offer our patients the best possible service and visual outcomes.  This course is not available in Australia and Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast is proud that our whole clinical team successfully completed these educational modules.

The course covered a wide variety of topics including the theory, application and surgical logistics of LASIK surgery.  Numerous clinical case studies were presented, discussing complication management and dealing with challenging cases.  Updates and advances in femtosecond LASIK technology and refractive surgery research were also presented.

It was encouraging to see that our techniques and protocols are on par with the world leaders in LASIK surgery. We have returned with renewed enthusiasm for providing our patients with world class surgery.


Posted: August 6, 2012