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New Microscope Enhances Surgical Outcomes

New Microscope Enhances Surgical Outcomes for Cataract and Retinal Surgery

Dr Anil Arora is thrilled to use the new microscope and projection system recently installed at the SAN Day Surgery in Hornsby.

The new system will improve accuracy of alignment of toric intraocular lenses used to correct astigmatism during cataract surgery, and enhance the view of surgical field with improved depth of focus for Dr Arora’s retinal surgery.  Patients requiring surgery for retinal detachment, diabetes with bleeding in the eye, macular holes, retinal membranes and even some forms of macular degeneration will benefit greatly from this wonderful new technology.

An excerpt from the San News’ recent magazine, introducing the new equipment being used by Dr Arora for the first time, is included below (click to enlarge).

Posted: May 3, 2017