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SMILE® Laser Vision Surgery Symposium 2017

SMILE® Symposium

Dr Arora and our LVCCC Orthoptists were privileged to attended the Zeiss Asia-Pacific Laser Refractive Surgery Symposium 22-23 March in Singapore. The symposium focused on the latest SMILE® laser eye surgery technique. This technique is a game-changer for laser refractive surgeons worldwide as it is gentle, accurate and minimally invasive.

Around 600 surgeons experienced with SMILE® laser eye surgery attended the Symposium hosted by Zeiss, sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience with the revolutionary technique.

Current advances include research and development looking toward expanding the range of refractive errors correctable with SMILE®. Currently this technology is only available for patients with myopia, but promising advances should see treatments available for patients with hyperopia in the future.

Dr Rupal Shah with Dr Arora at the Zeiss Asia Pacific Refractive Lasers Symposium 2017 in Singapore

We valued the opportunity to meet some of the pioneering refractive laser surgeons who have been instrumental in the development of the SMILE® technology with Zeiss such as the world renown Dr Rupal Shah.  Over 750000 SMILE® surgeries have now been performed worldwide for patients with myopia.

Dr Arora has been performing SMILE® (Small incision lenticule extraction) bladeless laser vision surgery since 2014. Surgery is performed at our clinic located in the Central Coast Day Hospital, Erina. Dr Arora was the first Ophthalmologist in NSW to offer this revolutionary technology. This has attracted many patients from around the country to have their surgery performed on the NSW Central Coast.


Posted: April 26, 2017