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Special Offer Extended

Laser vision correction is now more affordable than ever.  Due to popular demand, our special offer pricing has been extended to all of our patients.  Previously only those who attended our patient information seminars and then proceeded to have laser eye surgery were eligible.  Now everyone can benefit from this fantastic offer.

Surgery Fee

We know that price is an important consideration in choosing laser eye surgery. That’s why we’ve tailored our costs to the Central Coast market. Why pay Sydney prices while the world’s best laser eye surgery technology is right on your doorstep – at prices you can afford for a lifetime of better vision.

  • Standard or Wavefront-guided LASIK surgery:  was $3,250 –  now reduced to $2,750 per eye
  •  ASLA  surgery:  was $2,750 –  now reduced to $2,450 per eye

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Posted: June 4, 2013