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Swimming 12 hours to Save Sight

LVCCC are proud supporters of Central Coast mum Sara Evans who is swimming for 12 hours on 29th November at Mingara, to raise $100,000 for the Save Sight Institute, for research and awareness of retinitis pigmentosa- (RP) which is the number one cause of youth blindness.

The Save Sight Institute of Sydney is one of the top 3 Ophthalmic research facilities in Australia. Sadly it relies on government grants and donations for the research, so Sara is keen to help with funding.

Sarah is a young married mother of two boys living on the Central Coast, NSW. She feels very lucky to get to watch her sons grow into healthy able boys, so it saddened her deeply when her boss broke down, and shared the heartbreaking news, that her very young son had been diagnosed with RP – a genetic eye condition that causes cells in the light-sensitive retina, located at the back of the eye, to degenerate slowly and progressively. Peripheral vision slowly degenerates until only a narrow tunnel of central vision remains, affecting navigation and night vision. It is like looking through a very narrow tunnel. Those tunnels close over time, until patients end up completely blind. A horrible fate of darkness.

Rather than sit around and do nothing, Sarah decided to be pro-active and help. She decided to put herself out there and swim for 12 hours to “SAVE SIGHT”

Join us as we support and sponsor Sara to help her achieve her goal. She will be holding a family fun day on Sunday 29th November from 10am-5pm with stalls, jumping castle, sausage sizzle, and face painting etc.

Please make a donation  and follow Sara on facebook.


Posted: October 20, 2015