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World Vision Update

Since 2012, Dr Arora and the LVCCC team have been sponsoring children through World Vision. We initially started with 50 children, and now have 60 children in our ‘family’.

Amazing progress has been achieved in the communities in Honduras and Guatemala where we sponsored several children. These communities now have increased hygiene facilities, water, education, medical and farming skills. World Vision Australia have concluded their work in these communities, and are focusing on communities with greater need.

We are sad to lose touch with the children from Guatemala and Honduras as they are some of our most frequent letter writers, but look forward to getting to know our new children from Chad and Ethiopia, and assisting World Vision support these communities.

Please read the newsletters below outlining the great achievements of World Vision in improving the lives of children and families in Guatemala and Honduras.

Guatemala Region   Honduras Region

Posted: September 20, 2017