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What is involved?

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Immediately after the procedure

Your eye surgeon will want you to rest and when satisfied with your condition, you will be released to go home. You won’t be ready to drive yet, so someone should be with you. Your eye surgeon may give you protective sunglasses or shields to wear to protect your eyes.

1 day after

Following bladeless LASIK visual recovery is rapid with most patients seeing very well the next day and their eyes feeling fairly normal.

Following ASA / PRK vision will be quite fuzzy during the first week. However, most people have good functional vision even at the first day after surgery with most patients seeing at least 6/12 (half way down the eye chart).

1 week after

Following ASA / PRK by the 6th day, when the contact lens is removed, most patients are expected to be well enough to drive. About 90% of ASA / PRK patients will be seeing well enough to return to normal activities by day 6 or 7. Full time computer workers may need a few extra days to recover.

Your vision will improve rapidly in the first few weeks after surgery, but can take one to three months to fully stabilise.