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Why laser vision central coast?

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Doctors and Staff

Dr Anil Arora, Ophthalmic Surgeon and Medical Director of Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast is joined by a team of highly-trained refractive surgeons, as well as specialist ophthalmic nurses and administrative staff to provide a truly outstanding first-class laser refractive facility for the residents of Central Coast and surrounding areas.

Dr Arora has performed surgeries on tens of thousands of patients over the past decade. He is a true pioneer of eye surgery in Central Coast having brought retinal eye surgery and now laser eye surgery to the area.

World’s best technology, locally in Central Coast

Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast, located in Erina, is a state-of-the-art laser refractive facility boasting the Zeiss MEL 80 Excimer laser and the Visumax femtosecond laser. These are currently the most technologically advanced refractive lasers available and provide the highest quality bladeless vision correction for the patient.

Until recently Central Coast did not have a facility offering vision correction surgery. Patients had to travel to Sydney and Newcastle. Considering the numerous visits involved this created significant inconvenience for the patients and precluded many from undertaking such surgery. The arrival of Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast in Erina significantly improved the level of eye services available in Central Coast.

Carl Zeiss partnership

VisuMax, the Gentle Laser

Unlike all other femtosecond lasers, the VisuMax exerts very little pressure on the eye. This results not only in a very comfortable procedure for our patients, but significantly contributes towards the optimum result. Why? Because patients treated with the VisuMax laser can perfectly fixate throughout the procedure.

Ophthalmologists are very mindful about the amount of energy used in eye surgery procedures. Generally, clinical studies show that the less energy used in the eye, the better. This was an important consideration in why we chose the VisuMax technology. Due it its far greater repetition rate, the VisuMax laser uses only 12% of the energy required by other femtosecond lasers to create a flap.

VisuMax, MEL 80 & CRS Master – Perfect Integration

It is the powerful combination of MEL 80 and Visumax, together with the sophisticated diagnostic capability of the CRS Master, which allows us to provide patients with what we believe is currently the best LASIK eye surgery equipment available in the world.

Zeiss Optics

Ophthalmologists have a profound understanding of high performance optics. Indeed, they rely on them every day when examining and treating patients. Refractive lasers are very much optical instruments, and the quality of their ablations and the resulting patient outcomes are as much dependent on precision optics as much as highly trained surgeons. The famous Zeiss optics are at the core of the VisuMax and MEL 80 lasers. Unsurpassed in precision and quality, the Zeiss lenses provide our surgeons the finest detail and ensure our lasers perform ideally day in and day out.

LVCCC is part of a licensed health facility
Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast is part of Central Coast Day Hospital, a purpose-built ophthalmic centre of excellence, specialising in all types of eye surgery, such as cataract, retinal, glaucoma, eyelid, orbital & lacrimal surgery, removal of pterygium, paediatric surgery, and cosmetic eye plastic surgery. Central Coast Day Hospital is licensed by the Department of Health and the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, and observes their strict day care procedure guidelines. It has been awarded the prestigious four-year accreditation with the ACHS.