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What this means for you?

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Key differentiating factors

Carl Zeiss VisuMax Competing femtosecond lasers
Cutting flap speed (9mm flap) < 20 seconds Up to 40 seconds Up to 40 seconds
Energy per pulse <350 nanojules Up to 1,000 nanojules
Accuracy of cutting 110 micron flap 108-112 microns 106-160 microns
Eye pressure during procedure Average 85 mmHg Average 180 – 285 mmHg

Shorter procedure time:

Resulting from the higher pulse rate and lower pulse energy transferred to the eye
In most cases the VisuMax and MEL 80 lasers will be running for less than 20 seconds each
The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes

Faster recovery time:

Due to extremely fast action of MEL 80 laser, undesired tissue dehydration is minimised and regeneration and recovery is enhanced
Lower amount of tissue damage outside treatment zone speeds up recovery

Improved vision outcomes:

The accuracy of VisuMax femtosecond laser and the ability of MEL 80 to perform customised wavefront guided LASIK results in best possible outcomes achievable today
The small spot size of MEL 80 laser beam (0.7mm) as well as its shape, permit the finest corneal corrections of unsurpassed quality

Lower risk of complications:

A femtosecond laser avoids the use of a microkeratome for the creation of corneal flaps. Possible incision-related complications due to a microkeratome malfunction are ruled out
With lower eye pressure, the eye remains more comfortable and is able to see during the procedure. High eye pressure may be associated with damage to the retina