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Central Coast Optometrist Conference

LVCCC’s Medical Director, Dr Anil Arora, was one of eleven leading Central Coast Day Hospital Ophthalmologists presenting at the Hospital’s recent Conference on Sunday 2 March 2014. Dr Arora presented to thirty-five Central Coast Optometrists on the latest treatments for Macular Disease, LVCCC Refractive Results for 2013 as well as the visual acuity and patient satisfaction results for LVCCC patients with the Zeiss Trifocal Multifocal lens.

You can find the presentations below:

LVCCC results for 2013 and Presbyond Management in 2014

Update on Clinical Trial Results and New Treatments for Macular Degeneration

Visual Acuity and Patient Satisfaction Results with a New Trifocal Diffractive IOL


Posted: March 24, 2014