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Dr Arora Visits World Vision Children in Jaipur

“For many years now the Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast has been sponsoring 60 children in various parts of the world through the World Vision child sponsorship program. It was a memorable and very emotional experience for me to have a chance to meet 12 of these sponsored children in Jaipur, India while I was there attending a conference.

Not only did I get to meet the kids and some of their parents but I also got to meet the field workers and support staff of World Vision who do an amazing job of building and transforming communities. It was gratifying and uplifting to see that our donations were helping to make a difference to not only the kids we sponsor but to their broader communities. Things we take for granted like toilets in schools or even a little playground for children at school are not always there in these poor communities and World Vision set these up here as well as other projects like patient education and treatment for those with tuberculosis and changing traditional views about women and girls is society, just to name a few.

It was heartwarming to feel a part of something so positive and at the same time heartbreaking to see how much more still needs to be done. I’m pleased to play my part but the real heroes here are the people from World Vision who give up their time and energy and dedicate themselves to making the future brighter for others.”

Dr Anil Arora

Posted: December 3, 2018